Chowrasta (2015)

Chowrasta (2015)

Chowrasta (2015)

Hamid has live in poverty since young and is often ridiculed due to his poor condition. Nevertheless, his will to live grows stronger as he fights for his family's survival at Hutton Road, Penang. Hamid is then put under the care of a Tomoi master and his Uncle Don. He trains to become the best. His heroic virtues gain him respect among his friends and cause terror among his enemies. However, troubles begin to unfold as Hamid gets involved in the world of gangsterism, headed by his Uncle Don in Chowrasta. After a near-death experience, Hamid finally turns a new leaf. Agreeing to his mother's request to pursue his studies, he enrolls as an engineering student at ITM.

Duration: 117 min

Quality: HD

Rating: N/A

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