Concerto of the Bully (2018)

Concerto of the Bully (2018)

Concerto of the Bully (2018)

Internet songwriter Chow (Cherry Ngan) is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. She never forgets anything she has heard. One day, she was kidnapped by Yung (Ronald Cheng), a street punk, to a remote fish raft so desolate that an escape plan seems to be a mission impossible. In the hope to flee with the only ability she has, Chow offers to give a spiritual music therapy to the rather maniacal kidnapper.  A Yong is a reckless punk who liked everything with rhythm, fighting was one of them. His mood could only be soothed by a mysterious Demo music as his only spiritual sedative published on the Internet. When the gangster leader ordered him to watch over a girl kidnapped and imprisoned in a fishing boat of a fish farm. The girl tried to escape many times but was always stopped by A Yong. After they fought each other several times, A Yong was surprised to find out that she was the composer of that Demo. In order to escape, she pretended to be friendly and applied music as therapy for A Yong, but at the same time, both unknowingly changed in an awkward situation.

Duration: 96 min

Quality: HD

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