Kimchi Untuk Awak (2017)

Kimchi Untuk Awak (2017)

Kimchi Untuk Awak (2017)

Based on the novel of the same name by Suri Ryana, the story is about Bella, a student who studies in a South Korean university. During her semester breaks, she decides to spend her free time in Malaysia. However, her calm and peaceful life turns upside down after she gets into an accident with a Malay-Korean guy named Danial Lee Jae Hwan. In the meantime, Bella's sister asks her to make kimchi as a welcome gift for her company's president. However, Bella soon finds out that the company president is Danial. Things get more out of hand when the families from both sides decide to unite both of them as a married couple.

Genre: Romance

Actor: Natasha Elyzza Emma Maembong Janna Nick

Director: Michael Ang

Country: Malaysia (Movie)

Release: 30 Mar 2017

Duration: 111 min

Quality: HD

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